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Closure HealthCity Amstelveen

FAQ Closure HealthCity Amstelveen

On Sunday, June 18, HealthCity Amstelveen will close. We have been managing this location with great pleasure for many years. We look back on a wonderful time with our team members and on very special and enjoyable moments with our members.

Q: Why is HealthCity closing the club?
A: In recent years, HealthCity has faced turbulent market conditions such as COVID-19, inflation including extremely high energy costs, labor market shortages, etc. We have searched for solutions in vain, including exploring adjustments with the landlord of this location. However, with the best intentions, we had no choice but to terminate the lease and cease operations at the premises on Escapade 1 in Amstelveen.

Q: What will happen to your membership?
A: We understand that you have the desire to continue exercising. For this purpose, we have agreed that you will automatically become a member at Basic-Fit with a Premium membership, including unlimited YANGA, for €32.49 every 4 weeks. With a Premium membership, you can always bring someone along to exercise together. The nearest Basic-Fit location is at Van Der Hooplaan 237 in Amstelveen. Your HealthCity membership will be calculated until Sunday, June 18, which may result in a different upcoming payment. You will receive additional information from Basic-Fit, Van Der Hooplaan 237 in Amstelveen, on Friday, June 16, 2023.

Q: I have prepaid, what now?
A: If you have prepaid your membership at HealthCity, it will be offset with the Basic-Fit membership.

Q: Can I cancel?
A: Yes, but we recommend that you try out the Basic-Fit concept first.

Q: If I still want to cancel, how do I arrange that?
A: If you do not wish to join Basic-Fit, you can terminate your membership. This can be done until June 15, 2023. Your membership will be terminated starting from June 18, and any prepaid amounts will be refunded to you. Click here to cancel your membership as of June 18.

Q: Until when can I use the facilities?
A: You can use all facilities at the club until Sunday, June 18, 8:00 PM. From Monday, June 19, the club will only remain open for swimming lessons, and the on-site hair salon will be accessible while all other facilities will be closed.

Q: Will I get a new annual contract at Basic-Fit?
A: No, with your membership, you have a notice period of 30 days. If you modify your membership, you will start a new annual membership.

Q: Will my conditions remain the same?
A: We will convert your membership to a Basic-Fit membership, and therefore the general terms and conditions of Basic-Fit will apply.

Q: Swimming lessons?
A: Swimming lessons for children will remain accessible. The HealthCity membership will be terminated.

Q: Hair salon?
A: The hair salon will remain open.

Q: How will the payment procedure be carried out?

A: HealthCity will handle the collection until June 19, 2023. From that date, Basic-Fit will take over the collection.

Q: How often will the payment be collected at Basic-Fit?
A: Basic-Fit collects payments every 4 weeks, but you can also choose an annual payment. You can make this change through the Basic-Fit App or by sending an email to klantenservice@basic-fit.

Q: I exercise through a corporate fitness contract from my employer. What are the consequences for me?
A: HealthCity will terminate corporate memberships from June 19, 2023. Bedrijfsfitness Nederland

Q: Do I have to pay a deposit for my pass at Basic-Fit?

A: No, Basic-Fit does not require a deposit. Basic-Fit operates with a QR code. You download the Basic-Fit App, which allows you to use the QR code to enter the club. If you prefer to have a membership card, you can always purchase one through the kiosk at Basic-Fit Amstelveen.

Q: I purchased a personal training package, what now?
A: PT sessions that are still outstanding from June 19, 2023, will be refunded by HealthCity.

Q: Can I train at other Basic-Fit locations with the same membership?

A: Yes, with the Basic-Fit membership, you have unlimited access to 1,250+ Basic-Fit clubs throughout Europe. Additionally, we are also opening clubs in Germany this year.

Q: Can I modify my membership?

A: Yes, you can modify your membership starting from June 19, 2023. This can be done through the Basic-Fit App or at the Basic-Fit club. Please note that this will automatically start a new annual membership.